100 No Equipment Workouts
100 No Equipment Workouts

The 100 Workouts Book is for everyone who wants to stay active, get fit, build muscle tone and/or shed extra weight in the home environment without acquiring any extra equipment. Different workouts, some are more challenging and some are easier than others, will ensure that your muscles don’t get used to the same regime, giving you more in return, and also help you stay active and not get bored with the same routine. Visual routines are designed to guide you through the workout, as you go from one exercise to the next, in an easier fashion than in a video. Just follow the routine and have fun! You don’t have to work through the entire book; you can pick the workouts you like most or randomly select one and make it a workout of the day. Ideally you want to do 3-4 workouts per week.

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100% Whey Gold Chocolate
100% Whey Gold Chocolate

100% Whey Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate, Whey Protein Isolates Primary Source * 24 g protein * 5.5 g BCAAs * 4 g Glutamine & Precursors * 149 servings.Whey Protein Isolates are 90% pure protein by weight. They are the purest and most expensive form of whey protein that exists. That’s why they are the first ingredients you read on the 100% of Whey Gold Standard label. By using Whey Protein Isolate as our primary protein source, we’re able to pack 24 grams of the purest, muscle-building protein per serving, and a lot less of the fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other stuff that you can do without. There’s no question this is the standard by which other whey proteins are measured.

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adidas Defender Duffle Bag
adidas Defender Duffle Bag

This adidas® Defender medium duffel bag keeps your gear easily accessible and in great shape. The roomy main compartment has a secure spot for small valuables, making sure they don’t get lost among your larger items. A pair of zippered exterior pockets — one with a FreshPAK™ odor inhibitor — offers space for footwear and other oft-used stuff; the padded shoulder strap and top handles allow for comfortable carrying to any destination.



  • 600-denier polyester/polyester dobby construction
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Internal valuables pocket
  • 2 zippered exterior pockets; 1 FreshPAK™ ventilated pocket that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with a no-slip shoulder pad
  • Padded carry handles
  • Capacity: 3600 cu in
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 13″ x 12″
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
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adidas Interval Reversible Headband
adidas Interval Reversible Headband

This adidas® Interval reversible headband boasts a contrast color on either side, so you can have different looks for home and away games. The CLIMALITE® moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry throughout every minute, while the cotton terry material delivers absorbency and comfort.

  • Cotton terry headband
  • Reversible design with contrast colors on either side
  • CLIMALITE® moisture-wicking technology
  • Embroidered adidas® logo on both sides
  • Made in China
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AQUAhydrate 1 Liter
AQUAhydrate 1 Liter

AQUAhydrate® is high-performance water without the sugar and calories found in traditional sports drinks or vitamin enhanced beverages. AQUAhydrate’s combination of performance-grade electrolytes and a higher pH level of 9+ give you the key elements that help restore and balance the body during intense performance and exercise. Push the limits of what your water can do. Perform at the top of your game, no matter what drives you.

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Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set
Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

resistance bands, two handles, door anchor, carrying bag, and exercise manual. This set of exercise bands optimizes the advantage of using any single or multiple (1-5) bands at once to achieve multiple levels of resistance. B.M.P.’s stackable set of exercise bands allow for a much wider range of resistance, (4lbs to 75lbs) then traditional resistance bands sets. Any combination of bands may be used at one time, without the hassles of having multiple handles on each band. This increase in range and ease of use makes this set perfect for anyone from beginners and experts. Stackable bands allow you to achieve the highest levels of resistance possible.

What’s in the box?
This set includes:

  • Cushioned foam handles
  • Door anchor
  • Carrying bag
  • Ankle strap
  • Starter guide
  • Five bands of varying resistance:
    • Yellow = 2-to-4 pounds
    • Blue = 4-to-6 pounds
    • Green = 10-to-12 pounds
    • Black = 15-to-20 pounds
    • Red = 25-to-30 pounds
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BODYFIT Extra-Large Stability Ball
BODYFIT Extra-Large Stability Ball

Enhance your core strength while working on your upper and lower body with this BODYFIT® extra-large stability ball. The durable, burst-resistant ball inflates to 75 centimeters and is perfect for the home or office. A two-way hand pump, training DVD and System 6® six-week body transformation program are also included.

  • Inflates to 75 centimeters in diameter
  • Durable, burst-resistant design
  • Ideal for upper and lower body workouts
  • Develops core strength
  • Two-way hand pump, training DVD and System 6® six-week body transformation program included
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C9 Neoprene Hand Weight Basic Hex 5lb Hot Rod Lime
C9 Neoprene Hand Weight Basic Hex 5lb Hot Rod Lime

Stay in shape and keep your muscles toned with this hexagonal C9Neoprene Hand Weight. This hand weight’s Neoprene coating provides a comfortable, non-slip grip. Hand weights enhance all aerobic exercise and fitness training; they help improve muscle tone and core strength.

  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Weight Material: Iron
  • Cover Material: Neoprene
  • Dimensions: 3.12 ” L x 2.75 ” W x 7.0 ” H
  • Weight: 5.0 Lb.
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CAMELBAK Eddy Glass Water Bottle
CAMELBAK Eddy Glass Water Bottle

Make hydration a high priority during your workout with this CAMELBAK® Eddy glass water bottle. The bite valve is spillproof and lets you sip away without having to tip the bottle. A silicone sleeve adds extra protection to potential impact areas, and the BPA-free glass won’t retain tastes or odors.

Get your new CAMELBAK® bottle today from Sports Authority.



  • BPA-free glass won’t retain tastes/odors
  • BPA-free polypropylene cap
  • Silicone sleeve adds extra protection to potential impact areas
  • Spillproof bite valve
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 24 oz
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
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Cap Barbell Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell
Cap Barbell Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell

Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Working out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the entire body because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. They are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time. Made with a protective vinyl shell to prevent wear and tear. These kettlebells are cement filled and vinyl coated, providing a more economical choice over the tradtional cast iron made kettlebells.

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The Cardio Igniter is a new category of pre-workout performance enhancing supplement that focuses on maximizing aerobic capacity and fat burning, by stimulating your body to use fat as the energy source. If your goal is to perform at your best and get ripped while doing it, the Cardio Igniter is the product for you. The Cardio Igniter:

Helps protect lean muscle mass

Helps boost aerobic capacity

Helps accelerate fat loss

How to use Cardio Igniter:

Pre-Workout – Cardio Igniter is great to use prior to any high intensity training where you need maximum aerobic capacity such as cross training, and HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state). Cardio Igniter helps prioritize fat as an energy source during exercise and provides both an anti-catabolic and anabolic (lean mass potentiating) elements. Burn fat while you workout!

Post-Workout, Before Cardio – Many athletes perform resistance training prior to cardio (aerobic activity), while glycogen stores are high and energy levels are strong. Cardio Igniter is an excellent solution post resistance training because it helps to fuel the anabolic window and protect lean mass, while at the same time priming the body for aerobic activity and fat burning. Don’t miss the window!

Before Stand-Alone Cardio – Nothing primes your body and mind for maximum fat burning and aerobic intensity as the Cardio Igniter. Never do cardio without it!

Before Athletic Activity – Cardio Igniter’s ability to help increase energy, improve endurance, and enhance mental focus is a huge benefit to anyone performing athletic activities. It is very beneficial for aerobic oriented sports such as crossfit, soccer, basketball and martial arts. Burn fat while you perform!

Cardio Igniter – Primes the body and mind for high intensity activity with:

Provides stamina-boosting, long-lasting energy

Helps improve concentration and stave off boredom

Provides key electrolytes that help delay fatigue and maintain mental alertness

Endurance-enhancing components

Fatigue-delaying nutrients

Muscle-sparing positive nitrogen balance stimulators

Metabolism-boosting agents

pH buffering mechanisms to allow for stronger and longer muscle contractions


Temperature-raising thermogenics

Multi-pronged fat-burning nutraceuticals

Lipolytic-stimulating triggers

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Centrum Mixed Fruit Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplement Adult Chews
Centrum Mixed Fruit Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplement Adult Chews

New Centrum Flavor Burst is a uniquely deli- cious, chewable adult multivitamin supplement with an essential vitamin core, great-tasting outside and chewy inside.

Centrum Flavor Burst makes remembering to take your multivitamins easy. Not only will you look forward to each and every great-tasting chew, but they are also easy to take because they can be taken without food or water.

Centrum Flavor Burst chews are available in two great varieties, wild grape and mixed fruit.

  • Health Concerns: Energy, Overall Health, Immune System Health
  • Health Facts: Contains Vitamin D
  • Product Form: Chewable
  • Flavor: Fruit
  • Suggested Age: 18 Years and Up
  • Product Duration: 1 day
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